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Why Take The Guided Tour?

Relevant Communications is advocating a new approach to solving a critical and persistent problem. Understanding the basis for this approach will help put our products and services into the proper perspective.

To that end, we offer three guided tours; the Full Tour, the Overview, and the Condensed Tour choose the one that's best for you, and just follow the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons at the bottom of each page.

Map Of The Guided Tour

The Overview Tour follows the top level menu links to give you a summary of each section, with links to that section's pages.

The Full Tour is a complete page-by-page presentation, from the 'Our Vision' concept section, to the 'What We Do' product section.

Through our FAQ page, the Condensed Tour offers quick answers to specific questions covering topics from general concepts through product specifics.

Alternatively, you can explore our site on your own by linking to any section overview or individual page below.

  • A New Approach A Relevant Message To Each Individual

    • Connect with a much wider range of clients, while delivering a focused and uniquely relevant message to each individual

  • Building Relationships Redefining The 'Client'

    • Broaden the scope of your relationships by also including less conventional 'clients' both internal and external to your organization

  • Relationship Management Relationship Management Technology

    • Begin building relationships immediately, incrementally, and continuously one client, and one document, at a time

  • The Need For Relevance Do More With Less

    • Provide clients with the information they want, how and when they need it

  • Relevance In Use Communicating With Relevance

    • Perhaps our most important concept virtually any business application or process in any business unit can benefit by improving communications and incorporating relevance here's how we do it

  • Benefits of Relevance Build Better Client Relationships

    • Develop more positive and profitable client relationships over time

  • Relevant Communications Relevance In Communications

    • Integrate with your existing business applications and processes, to turn static, impersonal documents into highly effective, customized communications

  • 'Smart' Documents Communicating Through 'Smart' Documents

    • Imagine documents with the intelligence to create themselves using advanced, multiple-language business rules to integrate corporate-wide data making smart, real-time decisions about both content and presentation

  • Relevant Data Access A 360 Client View

    • Using the ability to access data from almost any source, anywhere, we offer you a practical 360 view that allows you to maintain your information in whatever form and location best suits that data

  • Virtual Touchpoint Building Client Data

    • Instead of painstakingly building a single, monolithic client view, we've reversed the process to build a 'Virtual Touchpoint' database from the ground up, one client interaction at a time, automatically

  • Products Relevance Software

    • Relevance integrates with virtually any business process or application, using universal data access and sophisticated business rules to create highly relevant documents, delivered automatically or on-demand by e-mail, fax, or voice, to a personal web site, or through web services

  • Features New Relevance Features

    • Emphasis is placed on the intelligent interaction between all-too-often isolated business processes, where knowledge from one process can greatly enhance communications in another

  • Samples Samples and Case Studies

    • Although far from being an exhaustive list, the samples on this page illustrate some of the ways in which Relevance might be used to improve communications

  • Services Design, Development, Broadcasting

    • We provide a full range of services to incorporate with, and enhance your ability to communicate with relevance

  • Support The Customer First

    • Support services are available to meet your requirements

  • FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

    • The FAQ page is intended to help clarify our views on various topics, technical and otherwise, and to help you gain a better understanding of our position on these issues