A New Approach

Old methods of client communications no longer work. The client backlash to unsolicited, inefficient, and largely irrelevant communications is forcing a dramatic change in communications methodologies.

A Relevant Message To Each Individual

Effective communications is essential to building relationships with all of the various clients of a modern business, both internal and external.

Connecting with clients starts by communicating a message to an appropriate audience. The current approach used by marketing professionals is to target a smaller, more manageable audience rather than casting a wide broadcast net. Their objective is to be able to track impressions but not impact on the individual. The idea is to listen to their reaction and respond accordingly. Learn who they are, and what their needs are. However, if the goal is to build relationships with a broad spectrum of clients, and not just prospects or customers, a different approach is required.

In contrast, Relevant Communications enables you to target a wide audience, yet easily and cost-effectively tailor a relevant message to each individual. The idea is to make the audience as wide as possible and narrow the message on delivery. In this way, customized communications with a variety of different clients becomes possible.