Building Relationships

The relationships on which business processes are based typically involve a broad range of 'clients', both internal and external, which may include prospects, customers, employees, partners, suppliers, investors, and even competitors.

Redefining The 'Client'

Relationships have been an important driver of business for many years. The Internet has just spurred an updated version an old-fashioned way of doing business, using updated tools targeted touchpoints, informed call centers, ongoing communications. A return to an honest and forthright approach, with humans as the focus. An advance to individuality.

Until now, relationship management has generally been process-oriented with a focus on one type of 'client' the customer in CRM, the employee in ERM, the channel partner in PRM, etc. However, for many organizations, the cost and complexity of implementing a specialized relationship management solution has resulted in a demand for more cost-effective and simpler alternatives.

The time has come to extend the benefits of relationship management technologies to a broader range of clients and client interactions. This requires a shift in focus from processes to targeted relevant communications.

Welcome to the new world of client relationship management where:

Successful businesses are based on good client relationships

Good client relationships require ongoing relevant communications

Relevant communications are highly customized based on client knowledge

Client knowledge is derived from clean data based on recent client interactions and communications

Positive client interactions are the result of good client relationships