Benefits Of Relevance

Productive, long-lasting client relationships are nourished through frequent client interactions and targeted relevant communications.

Build Better Client Relationships

Good relationships are the sum total of all client interactions over time, where companies deliver value above and beyond what is expected. The total value proposition is the combination of what a client receives and how they receive it. Companies that do both well, invariably become industry leaders in market share and profitability.

Relevance is particularly important when communicating with clients for a number of reasons. Relevance...

and the specific information they require in order to reach decisions or solve problems. The lack of knowledge of client objectives and the inability to see the world from their perspective often results in miscommunication that can jeopardize client relationships.
. Clients are constantly inundated with unsolicited e-mails, faxes, voice messages, junk mail and telemarketing calls. It is becoming increasingly difficult to penetrate filters in order to deliver a commercial message to a prospective client.
on a permission basis. It's an accepted fact that customized communications get opened and read more than their non-customized counterparts.
- concise and consolidated. Relevance is a measure of how closely information provided to a client matches their information needs.
. In the search for a perceived solution to a specified need, relevance is the single most significant factor in getting prospects to take action.
. Improving the client experience will increase loyalty, which means an enduring, more profitable client relationship. Studies have revealed that great service is still the much-appreciated exception rather than the norm.