Relevant Communications

Relevant Communications uses intelligent documents to gather the necessary data from business applications and processes corporate-wide, creating precisely targeted communications.

Relevance In Communications

Relevant Communications integrates with your existing business applications and processes, to turn static, impersonal documents into highly effective, customized communications.

Relevant Communications uses intelligence in the form of business rules, along with an ability to read and write real-time data from almost any source, anywhere, to combine knowledge from normally disconnected business processes. These intelligent documents take into consideration all available information, making smart decisions about both content and presentation. This avoids the pitfalls associated with the assumption that one-size-fits-all documents can be applied to all recipients in all circumstances.

Relevance works equally well for one-to-one on-demand documents, and pre-scheduled broadcasts to thousands of recipients. Document generation and distribution can be triggered manually, programmatically, or pre-scheduled.