'Smart' Documents

'Smart' documents contain the intelligence needed to configure themselves in content, form, structure, and appearance based on data extracted from a virtual corporate database.

Communicating Through 'Smart' Documents

Communications processes – all interactions between clients – are analyzed to identify those that can benefit from the automation and customization attained through 'smart' documents.

A ‘smart’ document contains the intelligence to create itself – to access and manipulate relevant client data from multiple sources and organize this data to meet client needs. Using a powerful document assembly and communications environment, customization goes significantly beyond simple 'conditional' if/then/else business rules.

The result is a unique custom document that is sent to a client over one or more communications channels and formatted for one or more client devices.

The document can be of arbitrary complexity, ranging from a simple notification to a multi-field data entry form. It can be formatted for delivery by e-mail, fax, or voice, posted to a company web site as a personalized web page, or presented through web services.

The company does not need to have a centralized data warehouse – a 'smart' document is able to integrate data from a variety of sources into a single feed, choosing only that information which is relevant to the client.