Relevant Data Access

Relevant Communications provides access to data that does not impose a proprietary data structure or location.

An organization can, and should, have the ability to maintain its data in whatever form and location is best suited to that data.

A 360 Client View

A full 360 client view isn't impossible, it's just impractical. Given the vast amounts of information scattered throughout an organization, for any specific entity an individual customer, department, governmental agency, employee, supplier there is simply too much information to present in any reasonable manner.

The client does not require access to all of this data. What the client needs is a concise view into the relevant data so that what is presented, and how, is relative to the client viewing the data, and contextually specific to the client's perspective. A customer as viewed from Sales is likely to be very different from that same customer viewed from Accounting.

Relevant Communications provides a practical 360 view, as a multi-pane window into your corporate-wide data where each pane presents information from a specific data source that is relevant to the client view, and germane to the specific application.

Intelligent documents perform the content integration necessary to present a concise client view of the relevant data.