Virtual Touchpoint

All client communications across geographically distributed touchpoints within an organization are consolidated into a single 'Virtual Touchpoint' database.

Building Client Data

The creation of highly relevant personalized communications requires access to data not necessarily detailed client profile data but data and knowledge that is, or can be, related to the client, including all previous interactions and communications. Client-related data however, is typically distributed across many functional departments and workgroups, and consequently is difficult to access. Many enterprise relationship management programs have failed due to the cost and complexity of attempting to create a centralized unified client database.

Rather than having to rely upon an integrated single-source client view at the outset, we take a new and simpler approach reversing the process to build a 'Virtual Touchpoint' database from the ground up, one client interaction at a time.

Relevant data embodied within the intelligent documents even the source and rules used to derive that data can be extracted in the normal course of client communications, and used to incrementally build a single-image interaction database that encapsulates all client touchpoint experiences.