The Need For Relevance

The Internet has revolutionized the way people react to messaging. More than ever, they demand that communications be relevant to their specific needs.

Do More With Less

An incredible volume of information is contributing to an increasingly complex world in which people are already strapped for time. People are seeking to get only what they need, quickly and efficiently, and move on to the next task in their busy day – they actually want less information! They know what they want and what works for their particular needs. They prefer honest and meaningful dialogue to bombardment.

Relevance provides a new way of communicating with your clients. It enables you to build a rapport with them – to deliver what they want, when they want it, and eliminate the frustration from their hectic and demanding lives.

However, relevance in communications is not always easy to achieve since it spans a number of inter-related dimensions:

Relevancy in Content provides the right information in the right context

Relevancy in Contact provides this information to the right people

Relevancy in Channel delivers this information to the right device in the right format

Relevancy in Time provides this information when and as needed to meet the client’s needs