Why We're Unique

Relevance uses 'smart' documents to access virtually any data source, anywhere, to create and deliver relevant messages to the right individual at the right time using the most appropriate means, while automatically building a 'Virtual Touchpoint' database to track all communications corporate-wide.

Why We're Unique Overview

Relevant Communications Integrate with your existing business applications and processes, to turn static, impersonal documents into highly effective, customized communications

'Smart' Documents Imagine documents with the intelligence to create themselves using advanced, multiple-language business rules to integrate corporate-wide data making smart, real-time decisions about both content and presentation

Relevant Data Access Using the ability to access data from almost any source, anywhere, we offer you a practical 360 view that allows you to maintain your information in whatever form and location best suits that data

Virtual Touchpoint Instead of painstakingly building a single, monolithic client view, we've reversed the process to build a 'Virtual Touchpoint' database from the ground up, one client interaction at a time, automatically

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