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Relevant Communications Revs Up Its Engine
with RSS, Print, & Data Processing
In a recent enhancement to its Relevance™ marketing and business automation software, Relevant Communications has added RSS, Print, and Data Processing engines to augment the existing line of content delivery engines, which include E-Mail, Fax, Voice, and On-Demand.

Relevant Communications Gets Personal
With 'Dynamic GeoMarketing™'
Relevant Communications' new 'Dynamic GeoMarketing™' capability gives users the ability to determine an individual's location, on the fly, with an accuracy measured in feet.

Relevant Communications Announces
'Reverse Targeted Marketing™'
With Reverse Targeted Marketing™, every contact is potentially included in your target market, and each individual's distinctive demographic, geographic, and behavioral information is used to tailor a unique message relevant to that specific contact.

Relevant Communications Announces
'One to One Sales' customized with Relevance™
'One to One Sales' ensures that the same relevance and attention to personal detail that attracted the prospect to your marketing campaign, is extended through the pre-sales and sales process.

Relevant Communications Announces Relevance™
Enhancing Virtually Any Type of Business Communications
Relevant Communications announces a major upgrade to its flagship product, Relevance™, elevating it from a standalone marketing package, to an enterprise-wide business communications application that can integrate with virtually any process or data source.

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