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March 22, 2005
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Relevant Communications Announces
'One to One Sales' customized with Relevance™

San Francisco, CA March 22nd, 2005 Relevant Communications announces 'One to One Sales', the on-demand customer-centric product that transitions customized marketing campaigns through to sales and ultimately the entire customer lifecycle.

Denise Chenier, Sales/Marketing Manager at Relevant Communications asks, "Where does 'marketing' end, and 'sales' begin? Great marketing campaigns are wasted if they are not converted into sales. 'One to One Sales' ensures that the same relevance and attention to personal detail that attracted the prospect to your marketing campaign, is extended through the pre-sales and sales process." She explains, "Relevance™ redefined targeted marketing by delivering relevant, individually created messages to your entire potential market, instead of just a narrow segment that ignores the majority of your prospects. With Relevance™ On-Demand, that same personally relevant, one to one experience, is now applied to each and every sales interaction, whether on-line, or with a sales professional".

Relevance™ On Demand begins the transition by creating individually customized responses 'on demand', to your marketing e-mail links. Beyond this initial response, it continues to provide each prospect with a uniquely personalized web experience. Once Marketing has achieved its goal and motivated the prospect to act, Sales can use Relevance™ On Demand to build upon that momentum to orchestrate a smooth transition, promoting a natural progression from prospect to customer.

By converting more prospects into customers, more quickly, and effectively utilizing a growing customer knowledge for intelligent re-marketing, 'One to One Sales' through Relevance™ On Demand increases your revenues and customer loyalty, while enhancing the customer experience.

About Relevant Communications

Relevant Communications Corporation specializes in the development, implementation, sales, and support of communications software and solutions for the SMB and enterprise markets. Our products are designed to help build long-lasting customer relationships, loyalty, and ultimately, corporate profitability, through greatly enhanced communications, whether for traditional sales and marketing to customer and prospect, supply chain management, internal interactions between various workgroups and departments, and/or business processes and applications.

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