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October 5, 2006
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Relevant Communications Revs Up Its Engine
with RSS, Print, & Data Processing

San Francisco, CA - October 5th, 2006 - In a recent enhancement to its Relevance™ marketing and business automation software, Relevant Communications has added RSS, Print, and Data Processing engines to augment the existing line of content delivery engines, which include E-Mail, Fax, Voice, and On-Demand. The new engines will be formally introduced at the DMA06 (Direct Marketing Association) conference in San Francisco (October 15-17, Moscone Center, Booth 5756, Interactive Hall).

Relevance™ RSS (Real Simple Syndication) uses the Relevance-On-Demand™ engine, along with an RSS formatting template, to offer dynamic RSS feeds over the web. The sophisticated content generation capabilities that form the basis for all of the Relevance™ products can format an RSS data stream from internal databases, or can act as an aggregator to combine data from multiple sources, including live Internet data, to create individually customized RSS feeds.

The Relevance™ Print (VDP) engine offers users a way to create and print fully customized marketing material, on-demand literature, reports, and other hardcopy documents, for distribution by mail. The Print engine supports an unlimited number of documents on a per-record basis, where each document has its own unique print specifications and destination.

The Relevance™ Data Processing engine provides pre-scheduled, triggered, and on-demand data access, manipulation, and exchange, between databases, files, and business processes. The Data Processing engine will accept data on-demand or read a database record-by-record, manipulate that data based on user-defined business rules, and forward the results to another database, file, or process. Denise Chenier, CMO, explains, "Each evening, the Data Processing Engine could read an order entry database, determine which orders might be "significant" based on order amount, relative size, frequency of order, or other user-defined criteria, then determine the responsible sales rep and update the sales automation database with a note recommending immediate follow up, along with changing the recall date to the next day. The next time the sales rep opens their contact database, that company's record would pop up. Another example might be the creation of a complex report involving the manipulation of data from multiple sources, and then distributing that report by various means, to the appropriate individuals."

According to Ms. Chenier, "With these enhancements, Relevance™ is one of the most powerful one-to-one communication products available today. The multi-channel market is growing, and the need to connect marketing with sales and back office systems is increasing daily. Relevant Communications continues to enhance and upgrade its product offering to meet the needs, and anticipate future requirements, of its customers."

For further information on the RSS, Print, & Data Processing engines, please contact Relevant Communications.

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