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April 18, 2006
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Relevant Communications Gets Personal
With 'Dynamic GeoMarketing'

San Francisco, CA - April 18th, 2006 - GeoMarketing has traditionally been used for market segmentation, often at best down to a zip code. By contrast, Relevant Communications' new 'Dynamic GeoMarketing' capability gives customers the ability to determine an individual's location, on the fly, with an accuracy measured in feet, not miles. Perhaps more importantly, marketers can determine the proximity of that individual to a business, a 'closest location', or even a moving location, to deliver a highly targeted message.

Take the case of a mobile blood bank. Someone working downtown may only have the time or inclination to walk a couple of blocks at lunch hour to donate, but not a half a dozen blocks. A matter of just a few hundred feet can make a huge difference. Will the mobile unit be closer to that individual next week? Should we give them a choice of times and locations instead? It may be months before the mobile unit is close enough again to entice this individual to donate.

Proximity, not absolute location, is often the most important factor in local marketing. E-mailing a timely message, and using Dynamic GeoMarketing along with Relevant Communications 'Reverse Targeted Marketing' capabilities to get that message exactly right, can be critical.

About 'Reverse Targeted Marketing'

With traditional targeted marketing, a set of criteria is used to select a market segment, and the message is designed specifically for that predefined and limited demographic. With 'Reverse Targeted Marketing', the segment is a single individual, and (here's the 'reverse') that individual's distinctive demographic, geographic, and behavioral information becomes the criteria, which is then used to create a unique message relevant to that specific contact. Not only do you improve response rates at the individual level by delivering personally relevant messages, but also, you end up targeting a much larger audience by including individuals who would otherwise fall outside of that predefined market segment.

About Relevant Communications

Relevant Communications Corporation products are designed to create highly relevant messages for individual prospects and customers. These messages build long-lasting customer relationships, loyalty, and ultimately, corporate profitability, through greatly enhanced communications, whether for traditional sales and marketing to prospect and customer, supply chain management, internal interactions between various workgroups and departments, and/or business processes and applications.

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