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May 18, 2004
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Relevant Communications Announces Relevance
Enhancing Virtually Any Type of Business Communications

San Francisco, CA – May 18th, 2004 – Relevant Communications announces a major upgrade to its flagship product, Relevance™, elevating it from a standalone marketing package, to an enterprise-wide business communications application that can integrate with virtually any process or data source.

According to Denise Chenier, Sales & Marketing Manager, “With the implementation of ‘active’ documents, universal data access, and on-demand web-based capabilities, the latest release of Relevance™ not only raises the bar on true one-to-one marketing, but also opens up new opportunities in CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence, and other relationship and resource management arenas.”

Active documents can access data from virtually any source, and analyze that data using very sophisticated business rules, so that each time one of these documents is triggered, whether by an individual or an application, it literally re-builds its content and format, based on the specific circumstances of that one request.

While active documents make Relevance™ ideal for both push (broadcast) and pull (on demand) customer-centric marketing applications including up/cross selling, product updates, and customer feedback, their ability to react to, and interface with, multiple databases and business applications, makes them perfectly suited for process and workflow control functions.

Ms. Chenier adds that, “Providing our customers with a very powerful feature set for its price point, along with simple, incremental implementation, results in almost immediate paybacks, ensuring a rapid ROI and low lifetime cost of ownership.”

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