Business/Sales Automation

Relevant Communications provides a unique software technology that can dramatically streamline and improve the quality of an organization's communications with a broad range of 'clients', both internal and external.

Relevant Communications enables companies of all sizes to build better, more effective client relationships through the ongoing exchange of relevant information.

Member - Email Experience Council Member - SF Bay Area Interactive Group

Integrating Marketing, Sales,
& Your Business Environment

Relevance software products integrate with virtually any business process or application, using 'smart' documents with universal data access to pull together the information needed to create and deliver highly relevant documents, automatically or on-demand... Learn More

Relevant Communications offers a new solution to an old problem how to build loyal, enduring, and profitable relationships with an organization's stakeholders, and how to extend those relationships beyond the traditional community of 'clients'... Learn More

Relevant Communications is advocating a new approach to solving a critical and persistent problem. Taking one of our Guided Tours will help you better understand the concepts and implementation of this approach.