Reverse Targeted Marketing™

Reverse Targeted Marketing™ combines the benefits of traditional targeted marketing, with the advantages of segmentation, and reverses the targeting process to create a powerful new marketing tool.

Reverse Targeted Marketing™ maximizes response rates at the individual level, while targeting a much larger audience, resulting in more responses, from more contacts.

Reverse Targeted Marketing™ ROI Analysis

The Reverse Targeted Marketing™ ROI Analysis allows you to create a fully customized ROI report, based on criteria and values you provide, for your company's situation.

Before you begin the ROI Analysis, if you are not familiar with the concepts behind Reverse Targeted Marketing™, please review this page before proceeding to the analysis.

Targeted Marketing...

           Targeted marketing results in better response rates than a shotgun approach.
           Targeting is most often accomplished through segmentation - redefining your target market so that the selected segment is more receptive to your message.
           Segmenting increases response rates.
           Segmentation reduces the number of responses you receive, because each refinement results in a smaller segment.

The Problem...

           How do you get the highest possible response rate, without limiting your segment size?

The Solution...

           Reverse Targeted Marketing™ increases response rates without the limitations of segmentation.

How It Works...

Targeting works because the audience and the message are a match. So we should be able to target by changing either...

           the audience - which is the segmentation approach, or
           the message - which is the Reverse Targeted Marketing™ approach
Taken to the extreme, segmentation will result in a 100% response rate, from a single individual, which is not all bad... at least not the 100% part. So we start by narrowing down the target market to a single contact in your database. Then we individually create a uniquely relevant message, so that the message is now matched to that specific contact, getting as close as we can to that 100% chance of eliciting a positive response from that individual.
And here's the real advantage...
Since we can individually create a message so that it appeals to any one particular contact, we can now apply that strategy to virtually any individual, including those who would otherwise fall outside of your traditional market segment. That way, we can now effectively approach a far greater number of contacts in your database.
The only way to create a truly unique and relevant message is to go beyond merging, versioning, and even dynamic and conditional content. A good salesperson can apply the same overall procedure, decision making, and heuristics to each customer, but the details of each conversation will be different. Relevance™ works in the same way, by combining data from multiple sources, with business rules and sophisticated decision making, to create a unique message relevant to each individual.

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